If you are a frequent user of our order imports function, we have now improved how contacts are assigned to orders. You now have the ability to map the contact to an order. Bonus: If you have a secondary contact, you can also map the secondary contact to an order.

You can find out more about this new feature in our help article, Importing Orders with Missing Contacts or Duplicate Contacts

Core Modules

We have added Braintree payment gateway integration into the Payment Portal.

We've also provided the ability to export and import offline orders from the POS. Please see the FAQ for more information.


We now hide the Promo Matrix for Branches and Internal CRM contacts.
Fixed an issue that cause the Sales Orders export to crash if duplicate columns were included.
Voiding a Purchase order will now delete links to any transaction that may have been created by Smart Buyer.

Relevant updates will now appear weekly for each product area.

Core Modules

A few product updates for you:

  • We now show Serial numbers that have not been counted when processing a stocktake in Stocktake Master.
  • We now offer the ability to add multiple barcode ranges. This can be configured from the Product tab in the general settings menu.
  • We now log the user that makes auto-stock adjustments, and any saves that are made from the review page.
  • We've added the field Logistics Carrier and Logistics Status to the GET Sales Orders API endpoint.


Here's some selected bug fixes from last month:

  • Printing the consolidated pick slip now correctly update stages in an order.
  • We no longer copy through tracking code, surcharge and discounts when a backorder is created.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a return not to load in the POS if there were too many items.
  • Fixed an issue with the branch drop-down caused by ampersand symbol being entered.
  • You are now able to assign categories to inactive products.

Plus plenty of other bug fixes and security improvements.

Core Modules POS

Here are the headline fixes from the past week:

  • Made a fix to prevent the incorrect representation of payments on certain documents.
  • Fixed a display issue in the adjustments module to better represent stock movements.
  • We now prevent changes to contacts and product codes within orders created via EDI.
  • Fixed some POS workflow issues where product prices would change when a customer was added to a transaction after products had been entered.
  • Refined some logic to show unpaid but invoiced orders.
  • Fixed an intermittent issue where the price tier in a Sales Order did not match the customer's price tier in the CRM when a Sales Order was created from the CRM.
  • Fixed a time-out issue when exporting a category of products that contained duplicate SKUs.
  • Prevented back-ordering a Sales Order from copying the history logs.
  • Fixed an issue where a report would not load if it included certain types of custom fields.
  • Added the Field Order Type to all Sales reports.
  • Added option to show all Completed Sales without stock for those of you who have allowed this list to become longer than it should be.


Here's a few Integration App related updates:

  • Shopify address mapping has been re-worked to correctly update both the Shipping and Billing address fields in the order and the CRM contact.
  • Multiple payments can now be downloaded from Shopify orders into Cin7.
  • The order reference for eBay orders will now be set as the Sales Record Number rather than the order ID.
  • Amazon Seller and eBay will now record 10% tax for AU local orders.
  • Orders from The Iconic where all of the line items are cancelled will now be cancelled in Cin7.
  • We're working on import product images functionality for Shopify - more updates to follow!

Integration Apps

Here’s a few fixes from the previous week:

  • Fixed a bug that changed the sales order surcharge upon save in some scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue in the Production Job Loader caused by transactions beginning with ‘#’.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a UoM error to appear when UoMs are not in use.
  • Fixed an issue where an updated company logo would not appear correctly in emails.
  • The Search All button in Branch Transfers module now works as intended.

Plus the usual smaller tweaks under the hood.


Here are last week's updates:

  • We renamed the Back button to ‘Save and Back’ to more accurately convey its function.
  • We have added new page titles to each page, providing quick links to help documentation and videos, and the settings page.
  • We’ve added a new POS setting that allows you to specify which Product Codes with Alternative Units of Measure can be rounded up. You can find this in the General Setting of the POS Settings.
  • The POS no longer updates the channel if an order was originally created elsewhere.
  • We’ve made the Balance Owing field in the CRM read-only - it can now only be updated from your accounting integration.
  • In the POS, if you find yourself changing the delivery method to ‘To Be Delivered’ or ‘Pickup Later’ more often than not, the delivery method can now be set by default to either of these options. You can find this option in the General Setting of the POS Settings.


Fixed a rounding issue in the surcharge field in sales orders.

Fixed a bug that caused the stock export to crash if you happened to have a branch with the same name as a price column.

Core Modules

We’ve included the field 'Payment Terms' in the Order Import.

You can no longer update a stock control method from FIFO to Batch (or vice versa) via a spreadsheet if the products have stock.


Our new document editor is released! We’ve written a blog about it, happy editing!

Added the ability to show hidden items in the transaction label print page.

For all commerce modules e.g. Shopify, Amazon, etc downloading things like products and orders will run in the background; this means you can navigate away from the page and the process will still run. Sweet.

You can now update BOMs in Bulk, go to Products > Actions > Import/Update BOMs.

Finally, we’ve added GET endpoints for product categories.


We’ve replaced our editors with Froala Editor; if you’re interested, see our blog here.
We now support Paypal Payments Pro for Europe and North America, documented here.


Fixed an issue that meant that certain promotions were unable to be redeemed multiple times.

Fixed numerous issues caused by improvements to our ‘Print Documents’ setting in each transaction page.

Fixed up an error that could cause the Purchase Report not to show.


You can now hide BOM components on a POS receipt; this can be switched on or off from the receipt builder.

The B2B now shows ‘VAT’ instead of ‘GST’ for users from the UK   and Europe  .

You can now create Purchase Orders directly from the report Pre-Orders by Colour and Size.

Cin7's Payment Portal now integrates with eWay!  


Here's a few updates from the last couple of weeks.

  • We now append a Pay Now button to emailed invoices if you have set up the Payment Portal, and you have added the Pay Now button to an email.
  • We’ve removed any popup windows in the system, preferring instead to use new tabs.
  • We’ve added the ability to add the RRP when printing labels, and to chose which price column it should populate from.
  • We’ve made some new endpoints - you can now GET a production job or jobs, and GET a user or users.
  • You are now able to define what documents appear in the list page (when hovering over the cog icon) and/or the review page. You can find this under the Print Documents setting in the settings page of any transaction.
  • We’ve made several big improvements to the Order Import, which have been detailed in our product blog, and removed the deprecated order import.


The left navigation menu now includes a section for "Admin" items such as the Settings Panel and Users List. You should see this next time you refresh your side menu.

We've added two new endpoints to our API - Users and Branches. You can find more information about these in our API documentation.

A new setting is available to specify the Default 3PL Status when downloading Credit Notes from Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce.


We’ve added a double-check for disassembly production jobs, to make sure you are not accidentally adding unaccounted value into your inventory.

You can now import transactions with products with Alternative Units of Measure, using the UoM code. You'll find how to do this in the Importing Sales Orders article.


Fixed numerous small typos, tool tips and rounding

Fixed an issue where the menu appeared incorrectly in the reports modules.


Invoice date is no longer mandatory for taking payments via the payment portal.

Automated actions now sync data every 5 minutes (previously 7 minutes).


Fixed the pound symbol in the Specials tab of the POS.

Fixed an issue with Magento where mapping for billing and delivery addresses was not correct.


You can now opt to hide BOM components in the Document Editor.

You can now dispatch up to 3 decimal places, which will help you adjust out loose hundredths of a unit you may have hanging around.


Happy New Year. We have a bumper crop of fixes and updates we've been working on over Christmas.

  • We now prevent production jobs creating a preferred supplier against a product.

  • Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances creating a new order from a replenishment would present an error.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the wrong module to open when transfers were opened from the OTS grid in the product module.

  • Fixed the update log information box to display times in local timezone.

  • After a lot of sweat, we finally fixed a crazy bug that would stop you searching a report more than 3 times in a row.

Plus lots and lots of other behind the scenes tuning and fixes.


Our Payment Portal has been released! Your customers can now pay you direct from their invoice. Here's Danny our founder to explain:

Find out more information about the setting up the portal and Stripe.


Added the ability to show and hide BOM components in the document editor.

We now display a log when the invoice date is added or changed.

When you back order multiple times from the original invoice, all backorders now appear on the invoice for the original.


Fixed an issue that caused time not to be entered into the Production Job screen.

Fixed an issue in the admin page that prevented an invoice number being generated when an invoice date was entered.

And it should go without saying, loads of other major and minor fixes to the backend as always.

That’s your lot for 2017, thank you for your support and patience this year - we have big, big plans for 2018  , it’s going to be a vintage year - looking forward to having you with us on the journey!


Fixed an issue that caused duplicate rows in size grid for some customers.

Fixed a variety of Chrome issues after the recent update.


Added functionality so that if you put an item into a stage that ends with “ holding”, items in the order will automatically be put into a holding group.

Here is a summary of some recent ecommerce updates:

  • You can now update pricing for products in Magento 1.x using our new Magento integration. Please see Updating Prices in Magento.
  • You can now link stock updates from a branch in Cin7 to a specified warehouse in JOOR. Especially useful if you have separate stock for different Joor warehouses. Documented in JOOR Settings.
  • Our Shopify integration allows you to download variants that match UoM codes in Cin7, so that you can update stock or download orders with UoMs. See Matching UOMs Between Cin7 and Shopify.
  • For Magento 2.x you can now have any gift vouchers applied to Magento orders diminish the matching gift voucher stored in Cin7. Note that to update any remaining amounts back to Magento you will need to use our API Gift Voucher endpoint.


Fixed an issue that would allow the Completed Sales Made Without Stock report to dispatch stock when not all sized items had SOH.

Gift Vouchers now expire at the end of day, regardless of time zone. We’ve also added some validation for gift voucher entry.


We added the ability to export SSCC codes in the Sales Order export.


Fixed the date filter on the Stock Aging report.

Core Modules

We’ve made it compulsory to add an Option 1 name for alternative units of measure, to keep everything running smoothly.

The main settings menu has been given a makeover. Don't worry, the settings themselves remain unchanged, and the usual functions can be found underneath the relevant header.


Some customers make lots of backorders, so we extended the max number of backorders from 26 i.e. A-Z to over 700.


Fixed some product searching issues in the POS.

Fixed autocomplete in the branch field in Track Stock Movements.


Products stored as batch items can now be dispatched in FIFO for ecommerce orders. i.e. we will auto dispatch products with batch numbers oldest first. This can be switched on at the branch level.

Find a branch in the CRM and tick this option:

Cin7 Batch FIFO Image

We now have the ability to add WET on retail sales made through POS, for all those cellar door retailers.

We now highlight non stock items in the transaction line item grid.


Fixed an issue that caused copied transactions or credits created from sales to save as drafts first time around. They can now be approved directly.

Swapped a dollar sign ($) for a pound sign (£) in the appropriate places.

Fixed an issue that caused scrollbars to appear for certain fields, when zoomed out to a certain level in Chrome, making them difficult to fill in.

Fixed an issue where conversions to foreign currencies weren't calculating correctly in Quotes.


We now allow 100% deposits with our deposit feature.

You can now export the Item sort when exporting transactions.

You can now scan or copy and paste a list of codes into transactions in the backend. This is a really cool feature! When you’re in a transaction, just click on Actions > Bulk Load Products.

Bulk Load Products Cin7


Fixed a new bug that caused certain reports to crash when the search box was used.
Fixed an issue that temporarily caused dates to disappear from orders in the POS.
Fixed a bug that caused FIFO items to be treated as size items upon import.


Fixed a bug that caused secondary contact delivery details not to save first time around.

Fixed a small issue that prevented the Created By field from populating in Credit Notes if a number of settings happened to be present.

Fixed an issue that caused the User menu and left navigation to be unresponsive in certain modules.

‘Theme 3’ (i.e. the white header) is now consistently applied across all modules.


We’ve added Item Sort to transaction imports - so that you can predetermine the order of line items within an order. Just include a column titled Item Sort to your spreadsheet, and populate this column with integers.

We now support Amazon in Japan - こんにちは!


We’ve given you the ability to set up your POS with one of our five pinpad integrations: DPS (Payment Express), Dejavoo, Authorize.net, PC-EFTPOS or Tyro.

These can be edited through the POS Payment Settings option.


We removed the ability to apply sales accounts to adjustments.

Fixed a bug that caused promotions to calculate incorrectly under certain circumstances.

Fixed an issue that caused products to upload into Salesforce incorrectly, plus few other Salesforce improvements.


Added a setting that will limit the amount of stock sent to eBay. Found in eBay Settings.


Changed some functionality so that if a user saves an order that was created by API or an integration, they are not assigned as creator/sales rep automatically.


We have now made a Gift Vouchers endpoint for our API. Awesome news!


We now require positive and negative movements of stock for size items to be entered on separate lines.

We swapped the field order of MID and TID for easy Tyro setup...just an interesting tidbit.


The new Order Export is now filtered correctly if the Orders list Page is filtered by name.

Fixed a bug that caused receipt print settings not to save.

Fixed an issue where GP% did not appear in exports to Excel.


Fixed an issue that caused emails not to send when a semicolon was included in the email address string, plus some issues around draft emails.

Fixed a bug so that now different options of the same product can contribute to the promotion ‘Buy 3 or more for a discounted price’.


Fixed an issue with Tyro that occurred when foreign currency payments are made.


Amazing - you can now sync Gift Vouchers with WooCommerce. This is the first step toward making a truly consistent experience for your customers both online and in store. It’s very simple to use - find out more in Syncing Gift Vouchers to WooCommerce.


Gift Vouchers and Store Credits can now be imported and exported. Read about it here.

We’ve added a few new features to our Loyalty Rewards in the POS: you can now exclude things like Gift Vouchers from creating Loyalty Rewards, and you can choose for sales in which rewards are redeemed to not create new rewards. Awesome.

Our commerce integrations now have Action Logs - you can find it at the bottom of the dashboard. Useful if you want to trace when an action occurred and by whom.


Our new Order Import functionality has been released. This is going to save you a lot of time if you import orders regularly. We really hope you like the change!

Learn more on our Product Blog.


A few improvements for weights, volumes and shipping:

  • You can now bulk update the freight fields of an order, including calculating shipping fees - in the Sales Order list click Actions > Bulk Update Freight.

  • The total weight and/or volume for an order now appears at the bottom of the screen next to the other totals (provided your products have weights/volumes).


Added a new read-only field, 'Average Landed Cost', to the Products export.


We’ve added a few POS Settings to control how the receipt auto-print behaves. We’ve also added a field for adding a Max Discount for standard users. See POS Settings.


Fixed an update that caused some Category Promotions not to work, and swatted some other POS iPad compatibility bugs.

Fixed an issue that caused an error message to pop up when creating UPC codes for options with no sizes.


  • All ecommerce and marketplace integrations will now populate the ETD from the created date of the order or the download date.
  • There is also an option now to require a tracking code field in all ecommerce and marketplace settings. This is useful if you’d like the order status not to be updated if the tracking code is missing.
  • We’ve added an option that allows you to zero out remaining stock when importing a partial stocktake. This means that you no longer need to add 0s to a stocktake to reduce uncounted stock to a minimum. Great feature!

    When processing a stocktake, click ADD ‘Not Counted Products’ as zero counts.
  • We’ve added more detail to the branch filters in the Sales Order list pages.

    Once you’ve filtered the sales order list by branch, you get an additional option to differentiate between Primary and Distribution Branches.

    Really useful if you need to take a look at what orders your branch is expected to dispatch for other branches.


  • Tax Status, Alternative GL Account and Payment Terms must now be picked from the associated dropdown - you can no longer type directly into the field.

  • Fixed a pagination issue in the email dashboard.


We’ve added a cool feature for printing a consolidated Picking Slips. This will enable you to:

  • Print a number of Picking Slips, Delivery Dockets or Invoices with a consolidated summary sheet at the top
  • Update the stage of selected orders if desired after printing them
  • Determine the maximum number of orders to be consolidated into one print-out

This can be switched on in the Sales Order Settings.

QuickBooks Online can now import deposits too. Woot woot!


The Joor app dashboard has been updated to match all other ‘v2’ integrations. Read more on our blog. Information on what the dashboard means can be found here: Joor Dashboard.


  • The NuOrder app dashboard has been updated to match all other ‘v2’ integrations. Read more on our blog. Information on what the dashboard means can be found here: NuOrder Dashboard.
  • We’ve changed the BigCommerce product matching process, please see Matching Products between BigCommerce and Cin7.
  • We’ve added functions to allow you to add further promotions to existing promotions or the special price column.

    Say you have a sale running using the special price column, you may wish to add a further reduction of 10% off over your menswear category, for instance. Pretty cool.

    More information in our Promotional Matrix article, line 6 in the product section.


Fixed a bug where the export button didn’t work when the Stocktake Master list was filtered by sub-category.

Fixed an error that caused some of the transaction copy functions to disappear - apologies for any inconvenience caused.

We’ve now prevented Sales Orders and Credit Notes being saved when the total is negative or positive respectively.


We have now added the ability to import Deposits into Xero. Enjoy!

For more information, see Importing Deposits into Xero.


Added the ability to select a blank in certain drop-downs.

Tweaked the POS to exclude holding stock from the SOH values for sizes.


We fine-tuned the logic behind order reference creation when orders were parked in the POS and later approved - to prevent unusual or duplicate references.


A few marketplace/ecommerce updates today:


For Amazon Seller, we’ve made a small but important change: We used to take the ‘Buyer Name’ in Amazon to be the Shipping Name in Cin7 - but now we take the name from the Amazon Shipping details. This is important when the recipient is not the buyer.


Fixed an issue that caused values in Cin7 to incorrectly represent what was being imported into Xero, namely the surcharge was not being included for specific batches. (Don't worry though, the correct value still made it to Xero however.)


  • We’ve made ‘percentage off price tier’ field available to add to the CRM. This is a simple way to add a percentage discount off everything for a specific customer.

    Whilst logged in as an administrator, click on your name, top right and click Settings > CRM Settings. At the bottom of the page, check Percentage off Price Tier and apply it to an area of your choice in the CRM.

    Entering a value in this field will give your customers that percentage off their assigned price tier.

  • In the sales order list page, it is now possible to search the Sales Order list by Carton Number.

    Whilst logged in as an administrator, click on your name, top right and click SettingsSales Order Settings. In the middle of the page, check Carton Number under the Additional Search Fields section.

    The search field will appear in the Sales Order list page.


Fixed an issue that caused tax to be calculated incorrectly in the POS when change was calculated in certain scenarios.

Fixed the 2x1 Label to stop long names overflowing.


Fixed an issue that caused some invoice numbers to be recreated when orders were updated by ShipStation or ShipIT.

The maximum number of days a special can be active is now set at 1000000 days -  that should be enough right?


Enhanced the security of the Point of Sale and Pick 'n' Pack modules.

In order to make the most of these improvements and keep you secure we have auto updated the passwords for POS and Pick 'n' Pack modules. To setup new POS registers or Pick 'n' Pack apps, please see Setting up the POS and Setting up the Pick 'n' Pack.

Note: This will not affect POS registers or Pick 'n' Pack apps that have already been set up.


You can now download Credit Notes from Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce! This needs to be switched on in the module settings first.


Added the Tags field to the Product edit page. This can be used for Meta Description on the B2B and also creating Tags when uploading products to Shopify. This field displays under Website Options which can be switched on in the Product Settings.

A new setting is available in the integration modules. 'Default Accounting Status' lets you set the Xero/QBO import status automatically when downloading orders from Ecommerce and Marketplaces.


Added the ability to extend the number of characters on a label.

Added the option to prevent Cin7 creating invoice numbers when marking orders as dispatched from Shipstation and ShipIT.

Added a date picker to the promotional matrix.


Fixed an issue that caused Track Stock Movements module to time out in some circumstances.

Fixed a bug that caused credit notes not to appear if certain settings were checked.

Fixed a bug that caused the POS layout to go askew (that’s the technical term) when long products were entered or Alt UOMs were used.


Price Options and Price Columns are now known universally as Price Tiers.

We’ve also changed 'Assigned User' to Sales Rep in the CRM module - the functionality remains the same though.

We’ve improved a few things regarding accounting for Gift Vouchers in POS v3, check the documentation for more information.


Here's your lot for today:

  • We’ve added the ability to add a BCC when POS receipts are automatically emailed. You could use this if you wish to track all receipts that have been emailed. This can be found in the POS Settings.

  • A small change for POS (v3 only) - when you return an item you’ll see a dialog that makes much more sense.

  • We’ve added some more information in the logs when a change is made to a transaction.

  • We now show both zone and bin in the Pick ’n’ Pack for items.


Swatted a couple of weird bugs in the Pick ’n’ Pack: fixed an issue that caused the order not to show if the first item was non-stock, and an issue that caused an order not to appear if a number of weird coincidences happened. 


A few useful POS additions this morning:

  • you can now enter the serial or batch number when returning a product.
  • by default we allow products to be sold through the POS regardless of SOH; this can now be changed so that if you don’t have stock in the system, you can’t sell the product.
  • you can now import invoices individually into your accounting software, useful if you’d prefer not to create batches.
  • A few other UI tweaks and fixes.

All of the above are detailed in the POS Settings article.

In other news:

  • you can now create a production job based on minimum stock and order quantities using the report Branch Replenishment From Safety Stock and Optimum Stock Quantities- Production Job.
  • The promotion “Buy X for $X for the same product” now works within Sales Orders - see Promotional Matrix.
  • A few other small reporting tweaks and fixes.


We’ve made a small cosmetic change to help understanding of the transactions module. You’ll notice that we've replaced 'Review' with 'Admin' - and now looks like this:

Admin Link Cin7

Also, clicking on the cog icon takes you to the admin screen, whereas clicking on the invoice number takes you to the invoice document. Makes much more sense!


POS receipts can now be emailed automatically. Simply turn the setting on from the POS Settings, and if a customer has an email address, it will email them automatically. This is switched off by default.


Due to some unexpected issues, we’ve made the 'Cash Customer' customer non-editable.


Improved the POS so that you can continue scanning other products even if one product is not recognized.

Our Xero and Quickbooks integrations have been tidied up to make them easier to use.

Added 'Supplier Code' and 'Product Active Status' to the Sales Forecasting By Month On Historic Sales report.

The BigCommerce Settings page has changed slightly to bring it in line with the rest of our commerce apps.

We’ve made it easier for administrators to Void transactions. Note that no permissions have changed, but you can now click the Void button instead of changing the Cin7 Status to Void from the dropdown.


Fixed an issue that was causing category discounts to apply incorrectly in the POS when multiple category discounts were applied.


Fixed an issue that occurred when sorting certain reports by size.

Fixed labels to print UoM barcodes when UoM products are used.

Oh, and you probably noticed, but we have a snazzy new login page.


Fixed an issue with special characters in the size grid for fashion items.

Made a change so that both assigned static bin locations appear on a packing slip. Also, if there is no Bin assigned, the Zone will still show.


Our Newegg integration now supports Newegg Canada, in time for the big 150!

Amazon dashboards have been updated to bring them into line with our newer marketplaces and commerce apps. See our blog for more info.


  • Made sure the currency symbol in the backorders pop-over was displaying the local currency symbol.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing a duplicate gift voucher to be created under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue with Bigcommerce freight taxes.
  • Fixed an issue that caused certain items not to scan in the POS for some users.


Our eBay app is released! We're very excited to welcome this pioneer of the internet to our Supply Chain App Store.

Find out more about how to get started in our product blog. You can also read why eBay should matter to your business on the Cin7 blog.


POS line items now load from the top down as opposed to the bottom up - useful if you make huge transactions.


Corrected the Store Credit Receipt in the POS to show the correct amount when a layby is canceled.


Today we launched some changes to version 3 of our POS - detailed in our blog last week.

For more information, take a look at our video POS Version 3 - Overview.


Small update for a big release: we added functionality to upload Product data into Shopify from Cin7. Documented here.


Some useful updates today:

  • Virtual Stock now excludes non-stock items, we're sure this will make a few people happy!
  • The stock column in a Sales Order can now show stock of the current branch as opposed to the total stock. If you’d like this switched on, please contact support.
  • We’ve added a new Bulk Pick action in the Sales Order List Actions menu. This allows you to pick all line items in an order, but not Fully Dispatch the order - very useful for your shipping integrations.

    To find these go to Sales Orders > Actions.

    There are two functions: Set To Fully Picked To Reserve Stock, and Set To Fully Picked - Hold To Reserve Stock. The function changes the stock to Fully Picked or Fully Picked - Hold respectively.
  • Finally, in all of the newer ecommerce and marketplace integrations, you'll find a couple of new checkboxes Auto Update Stock Levels and Auto Update Order Status. These will trigger when you view a Review page.


  • Fixed an issue caused by unescaped characters in the 'Completed Sales Made Without Stock' report.
  • Resolved a number of issues with BigCommerce payments, thanks for your patience while we fixed this.


We've added some new functionality to WooCommerce and Shopify apps - you can now update pricing to these channels from Cin7.

More information in our blog on the subject. For information on how to use it - see our help articles for WooCommerce and for Shopify.

Also, the WooCommerce app gets a facelift to bring it in line with the other apps, check out our Dashboard Article.


These updates can now be consumed by RSS - https://help.cin7.com/updates-rss


Marketplace and ecommerce orders can now be downloaded automatically. More info can be found on the settings page for each integration - look for Auto Schedule.

More general information about this feature can be found in the product blog.


  • Updated the filter in WooCommerce Settings to download orders using "last updated" instead of "last created”.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause an error in the NuOrder app when matching products in certain circumstances.
  • Added a small, but important, tweak to last week's feature below to prevent duplicates within the same parent product.


Our The Iconic Marketplace integration (for connections to Seller Center) has new settings pages, and a few new settings - see The Iconic Marketplace Settings.


  • POS v3 now supports Dejavoo.
  • We’ve added a setting that prevents duplicate product codes being created. For legacy users we have switched this off by default, but I can’t think of a good reason not to switch this to ‘Yes’. See Product Settings.
  • We’ve added the ability for users to change their password whilst logged in; simply click on your username, top right, then go to My Account option. Weak passwords will not be accepted. See Changing Your Password.
  • Sell Through Report By Sales Period (Created Date) now shows open sales orders too.


  • Fixed a reporting issue caused by searching for a product when a duplicate barcode exists.
  • Fixed an issue with Magento 1.0 caused by special characters.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing adding payments to an existing sale in the POS to cause an error.
  • Fixed an issue causing Promotion Vouchers to be switched off after partial redemption in certain circumstances.


  • Added support for Amazon FBA in the UK.
  • Added support for Qatari Riyal and Mauritian Rupee - welcome!
  • Improved serial number scanning in the Pick ’n’ Pack. Now when you scan in serial numbers from a serial barcode, the field will advance to the next automatically, meaning you can scan all your barcoded items in quick succession.


We’ve improved our appstore - it now looks awesome. Take a look at this video for more information:

We’ve also added shorter session timeout options (5 mins and 15 minutes); please see our article on Changing Session Timeout Length.


Fixed an issue where ShipTheory country codes were not correctly mapping.


Cin7 now supports imperial measures, that's right, welcome pounds, ounces, inches and cubic feet. So we no longer need to debate which method is better! Ahem metric ahem. You can toggle these on or off in the product settings:

 metric imperial toggles

More information in the Product Settings article.


Fixed an issue that caused bin locations to be incorrectly applied when receiving goods.


A couple of updates for Canada:

We added the ability to process Canadian currency orders using authorize.net via the B2B portal 

Customers with Alternative Tax Rates will now flow through to the B2B portal correctly.


Made a change that Limits the width of large images in the Purchase Order Report.


Lots of new reports added to the reports download library this week:

  • Purchases By Supplier and Currency (Created Date) 
  • Purchases By Supplier and Currency (Invoice Date) 
  • Sales by Sales Rep By Product (Dispatch Date)
  • Sales by Supplier (Dispatch Date) 
  • Sales by Day and Hour (Dispatch Date) 
  • Daily Sales by Product (Dispatch Date)
  • Pre-orders (Acceptance Date)

The reports download library is only available to Professional plan customers - contact support to upgrade.

In other reporting news:

We added the field Invoice No to "Xero COGS Breakdown" report.

We added the field Discount Percentage (Discount Percent = Discount Value/Retail Sales) to the report "Sales and Discounts By Products - Retail Price and Discounts".


Fixed an issue that caused the Shopify Product downloader to error if the SKU value was Null.

Fixed an issue that caused incorrect reporting of credit notes in the ‘No Freight’ reports.


Fixed an issue causing problems with IP Printing.

Fixed an issue that could cause the report "Branch Re-ordering From Safety Stock and Optimum Stock Quantities" to error if special characters were used.


We've added a new setting to the POS that will allow you to require a customer to be entered when processing a return. In the POS settings, simply switch "Require customer to be selected for refund" to Yes.

Shopify (v2) can now download loooonger descriptions.


Fixed an issue that was causing some contacts not to be subscribed to MailChimp.

Resolved a problem with our Shipstation integration where the delivery country code was inconsistent with those of ecommerce integrations.


You can now view and update the credit card details you have on file, for more information see Changing Your Credit Card Details.

Our Shopify (v2) module now looks awesome, with dashboards and a new product download wizard. Documented in full right here.


Importing BOMs have a few updates, you can now import Use-Make BOMs, and format BOM rows by adding additional columns to the import spreadsheet. More information in Importing BOMs.


Fixed an issue that was allowing sub $1 payments to be sent to Dejavoo terminals.


Some new reports have been released for those on the Professional pricing plan and upwards:

  • Purchases By Supplier By Sales Rep (Invoice Date) 
  • Branch Re-ordering based on Sales (Invoice Date)
  • Branch Re-ordering based on Sales (Created Date)


Gift Voucher reports now take into consideration time zone.

The report Open Sales Order Payments now has Invoice Date and Created Date as fields.


Fixed an issue that caused ShipStation rates not to calculate correctly for some users.


A time filter is now available in the Close Register screen which can be used to exclude or include orders based on time.

When downloading orders from any of the new integrations, an entry is added into the Update Log on the order's review screen which tells you which integration it came from and also the date/time it was downloaded (rather than the created date which is the time it was created in the integration's system).


Fixed an issue that caused receipt logos not to print.

Fixed an issue that was stopping IP Printing from working.

Fixed an issue that caused the Capsule module to timeout in certain circumstances.

Fixed an issue causing an error to appear when creating a back order for some users.

Made a few changes to stop odd values such as 'null' appearing in the reports.

Fixed a bug that caused price columns to be ignored in Credit Notes and Supplier Credit Notes.

Fixed a bug where orders would not auto dispatch for Shopify if "Completed Orders Only" was selected.


A new report has been created, Trace Sales Order Stock Back To Source (Dispatch Date), which helps you find the original source of a product that you have sold. This report is available to those on the Professional plan and higher.


API v1 has been improved so that custom price fields now work with GetProductOptions

Added an option so that Magento 1.x orders will not update contact details upon downloading.

Category Banners for B2B WebSite can now be 1000px wide.

Channel can now be added to the Sales Order list page without a support request - so you can see the source of all your orders.

'License type' is now shown in the user list.

The Review Page has changed slightly; some redundant fields were removed, some fields are not able to be edited, and order tracking numbers can be entered from this screen.

Added a new setting to the POS Loyalty Scheme. You can opt to have any extra amount spent over the loyalty threshold added to the voucher that is created. This additional amount is calculated in proportion to the original gift voucher settings. i.e. spend $500 gets $50 voucher, but spend $600 gets $60 voucher.


Fixed a small bug on the homepage dashboards that caused the 'customize dashboard' screen to appear.

Fixed a bug that resets the B2B UOM field when a product import was completed.

Resolved an issue where the Production Job report would be misaligned under certain circumstances.

Fixed an issue where the Track Stock Movements module was not showing the date according to the user’s time zone setting.

Fixed the image upload button for product options which was intermittently working.

Fixed issue in the report Sales Forecasting By Month On Historic Sales where it would error out under certain circumstances. 

Fix for an issue that caused the Magento order ref to be incorrectly created  - it now uses the correct Magento order ref.

Fixed an issue that was causing the Smart Buyer to show an error when filtering for ‘All Stock’. Thanks for your patience while we implemented a solution.


Cin7 now supports Shiptheory, bringing shipping automation to the UK. Woohoo!

A few new reports have been added to the reports download library: Supplier Consignment Sales By Invoice Date, Sales By Customer and Currency (Created Date), Purchase Orders By Product (Received Date).

Four new Dashboard Reports for the homepage: Top Customers Spending (Last 1 Month Invoice Date), Top Selling Products (Last 1 Month Invoice Date), Top Customers Spending (Last 1 Month Created Date), Top Selling Products (Last 1 Month Created Date).

It is now possible to import BOMs - for more information see Importing BOMs. Nice work Alan!


We added some small updates to existing reports:

  • Added Stock Avail and Incoming to 'Branch Re-ordering From Safety Stock and Optimum Stock Quantities'

  • Added Qty and Sales and Invoice date to 'Xero/QBO COGS Break-down' 


Fixed a small issue that caused some reports to show 'null' when COGS were 0, and some other small report fixes.

Fixed an issue causing Dejavoo to display incorrect refund amounts.

Fixed an issue where COGS would double up in the report Xero/QBO COGS Break-down if there were multiple Tax Codes with the same name (one for Sales and the other for Purchases).

Open To Sell grid in the Products module should now be showing the correct currency symbols for your currency. 


We've implemented one of our most requested small features. Administrators can now apply a default branch to each user - meaning transactions and the POS will default to the branch specified for each user.


Administrator users can now update their billing company name, billing contact name, and billing email address. These details appear on your monthly statement.  Click on your username, top right, and click Company Profile.


Fixed an issue that prevented automatic login to the B2B webcentral module for some users.


A couple of updates for you this week:

  • The POS has a new, cleaner interface. Try it out here.
  • Our Amazon app and EDI apps have a new interface that includes dashboards as well as download links; other apps, like for Shopify and Magento, will be revised in the near future.


The new look help site has been launched! We really hope that you will find the new site easier to use and the articles more helpful. Any feedback that you have would be greatly appreciated so that we can continue to improve your experience.


  • For convenience, a link to the POS setup instructions now appears on the POS setup screen
  • the WooCommerce app can now expand BOMs automatically upon downloading of Orders, see WooCommerce Settings


  • We fixed an issue in the CRM import where a spreadsheet with blank columns could result in a contact being unusable
  • We fixed a bug in the CRM where clicking Bulk Update Contacts after sorting them by certain fields (price option) would result in an error
  • We fixed an issue where tax rates printed inaccurately when bulk printing documents


Happy New Year! - a couple of updates to kick us off:

  • We fixed a rare issue in the report Sales By Customer and Currency (Invoice Date) where discounts to credits were handled incorrectly.
  • Updated the report Gift Voucher and Store Credits to correctly show all remaining gift vouchers and credit values in the Remainder Value field.


Lots of bugs fixes this week to see us out until the new year. Quite a few minor tweaks under the hood, here's a rundown of the more interesting fixes.

  • An issue that was causing problems for the POS on Chrome for iPads and iPhones has now been fixed by Google (thanks!). 
  • 'Save and Back to POS' makes a welcome return for those running CRM v1.
  • We refined the B2B search to exclude test products.
  • Fixed an issue causing eCommerce modules to not populate branch name or order quantity.
  • The report 'Sales Forecasting By Sales Period' now shows the correct COGS for all products.


We've updated our DPS integration to be compliant with the 2017 firmware.


You can now add the Code (SKU) to labels; which will be useful if you need both Barcode and SKU on your label, greedy.


Pick 'n' Pack has seen some minor UI tweaks, and improvements in usability.


We fixed a bug that was causing some users to experience multiple logouts - apologies to those customers that experienced this particular issue.

Bill of Materials now load out correctly when a product is downloaded from Shopify. If a product has a UOM with the same SKU, it will now send through correctly to Shopify.

We fixed a bug that caused duplicate invoice numbers to be created when dispatching through the Pick 'n' Pack.

OTS should no longer show an error for certain customers.


Fixed an issue on the Select Integrations page where multiple instances of same module caused an error.

When importing products into the products module using Product Share, columns with the same description cause an error. You still have to change the names to be unique, but you'll receive a friendly error if this happens.


Category Search in the Stocktake Master now searches on Sub Category too.

We fixed a small typo in the POS Settings - it now reads 'Close Register By Each Register Code'.

We've included support BRL currency in Labels and Reports. Viva!


Adjustments can now be updated in bulk to pull local costs through from the products module. This is ideal for updating multiple adjustments where some products were adjusted in with $0 cost, or an incorrect cost.

To use this feature:

  1. 'Check' the adjustments to be updated.
  2. Click Actions.
  3. Click Reprocess Stock Value from Products Module Cost

This humble feature is a powerhouse and will save hours of work if you've accidentally overlooked costs.


When StarShipIT updates Cin7 Branch Transfers, it now updates the Received Date instead of the Dispatch Date, which makes much more sense.

The Billing/Parent field in the CRM import is now working as it should.

For our Quickbooks Online integration we've made a small fix to stop time-outs for long order histories.


The CRM Export now allows for exporting the unique contact ID. This will allow Joor users to export the ID from the CRM.

We have added the Stock on Hand quantity for line items in transaction pages. Now you can view SOH (if it's different to Stock Available) for each line item on a transaction. No need to check the products module!

You can now enter a custom Project Name to be added to each downloaded Joor Order from the Joor settings page.


Cin7 now supports Magento 2! We've spent considerable time perfecting the settings for this module to make it easy to set up and use. We've also taken what we've learnt and upgraded our Shopify integration, so today we're also launching v2 of our Shopify integration.

Both modules can be added through the main Settings screen, by clicking Select Integrations.

Both modules provide:

  • simple and fast configuration
  • the ability to connect to multiple Shopify or Magento 2 accounts from a single Cin7 account

For more information see Shopify or Magento 2.


Custom CRM and Product fields are now searchable in the CRM List Page and Product List Page. Simply tick Additional Search Fields in the Settings pages of the relevant module.

For our Joor integration we added the ability to choose "Tax Status (incl. or excl.)" for downloaded orders. You can find this in the settings page.


Custom fields for CRM and Products now display in the order defined in the settings page.

The "Save and Enter to POS" button is now displaying correctly for all users.

Fixed an issue where invoice numbers would be duplicated when multiple orders were dispatched from the Pick 'n' Pack.


We improved the way auto-adjustments work - you can now use a report to dispatch stock for completed orders where no stock existed. This applies to POS transactions as well as eCommerce orders that have been Auto-Dispatched.

Automatic updating of stock levels for eCommerce now happens in the background so you are not locked on the Review screen. It is also now only triggered at most every 10 minutes. You will see an indicator that counts down to the next time an update is available.

We added a few new goodies to the Receipt Builder:

  • Added Company Name and Delivery Address as options
  • Renamed "Address" to "Billing Address" and "Delivery Address"
  • Added Mobile to Customer Details
  • Added new Line Items: Total Discount, Total Tax, Barcode (does not apply to products with sizes)

We added Stock Indicators to the B2B, which can be found under security options.

Oh, and it's now possible to send up to 3 decimal places for the unit price to Xero.


We're excited to announce two new Marketplace integrations! You can now connect to Joor and NuOrder to sync stock levels and download orders.

The CRM export has been updated to function like the Product export - the CRM import remains the same for the time being however.

There are some new reports in the download library:

  • Sales By Product And Color Size (ETD)
  • Sales By Product And Color Size (Dispatch Date)

Plus some new dashboards for the login page.

Finally we have some EDI and 3PL integrations that are entering beta.


EDI- CostCo Au, Bunnings, Petstock, ITM, Briscoes/Rebel

3PL - Anderson and Flowers, DHL Supply Chain NZ, Base Storage, Crown, Melbourne Mailing, Coghlan

North America

EDI - Wayfair, Nordstorm, Sobeys, Von Maur, Nordstrom Direct, Pacsun, Amazon Vendor, Amazon Dropship, Lord & Taylor, Myer, NEXCOM, Castlegate, Sears/Kmart, Overstock

3PL - Castle Gate, 3PLCenter, IntegratedLogistics, Go2Tigers


3PL - Import Services UK, Lufapak, Ivenco, Gefco


Support portal - Centralised area to submit and view the status of all tickets. Located under the top right dropdown of the Cin7 interface.

Open to sell - Shows how much stock is available to sell based on open orders, what is incoming and when it will be due for arrival.

Our new User Interface has been released on our main server after beta testing and customer feedback.


Fixed a bug that caused back order discounts to calculate incorrectly in certain scenarios.
Product discounts now calculate correctly when selected from the product auto-complete dropdown.
Fixed a bug that caused Cost of goods in a Credit note to be based on an average cost and not the cost at time of sale.
Moving stock in via a credit note for fashion items works correctly now.