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Setting up Gift Vouchers

Last updated 18/03/2020

To sell gift vouchers, you must first set them up correctly in the back end. This article explains how.

Creating Gift Voucher Products

When you sell a gift voucher to a customer, you are selling a pre-created non-stock product.

To create this product:

  1. From the left navigation, click Products.
  2. Click Create New Product.
  3. Enter 'Gift Voucher' as a product name.
  4. Change Order Type to 'Gift Voucher'.
  5. Change Stock Control to 'Non Stock'.
  6. In the product grid below, create a product option for each denomination of gift voucher i.e. $5, $10, $20.
  7. Click Save and Close.

Changing Gift Voucher Settings

There are a couple of settings that you can configure for gift vouchers. To access the settings:

  1. Whilst logged in as an Administrator click on your username, top right, then click Settings.
  2. From the POS menu, select POS Settings.
  3. Click Save to save any changes.

The relevant settings are:

Gift Voucher Expiry

Allows you to choose the expiration period for your gift vouchers.

Generate Gift Voucher Codes

If you have preprinted gift vouchers with their own coding system, you can enter the code into the POS at the time of transaction by choosing Scan or manually enter your own Gift Voucher Codes. Gift Voucher codes must be longer than four digits.

Choose Cin7 automatically generate codes if you would prefer the codes to be generated for you.


Can Gift Vouchers be synchronised or sold through eCommerce?

It is possible to sync gift vouchers with WooCommerce or Shopify Plus. See WooCommerce Gift Vouchers or Shopify Plus Gift Vouchers for more information.