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Allocating POS Numbers

Last updated 14/12/2020

Allocate POS numbers to your staff to enable fast switching between users.


Allocating numbers to your POS staff will allow them to log in to the POS with a number instead of an email address, and enable them to quickly switch between users. To allocate numbers to your POS staff:

  1. Whilst logged in as an Administrator click on your username, top right, then click Users.
  2. Click Select against a User.
  3. In the POS Staff Number field enter a number.
  4. Click Update.

Your users will now be able to enter this number into the password field, or switch between branches by using the POS Staff Number.

i) A user can log into POS using POS Staff Number as a password. The username cannot be blank in this case.

ii) A user can log into POS using POS Staff Number in the Staff Number field. The username and password are optional in this case. Also, the staff number field is not visible when you log into POS the first time.