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Returning and Exchanging Products

Last updated 17/08/2017

There are two possible scenarios for a Return and Exchange - this article explains both.

Exchanging Products of the Same Value

If the customer wants to return an item and exchange it for another of the same price the total will be zero. This still requires a transaction to be made, as follows:

  1. Click on the menu icon, top left, and from the Returns section select No Receipt.
  2. Enter a product into the product grid.
  3. You will see an option to either:
    • Return an item
      - or -
    • Sell or Add a replacement product.
  4. Click Return to return the first item.
  5. You will be asked to enter a quantity - note that the quantity is a negative number.
  6. Click Add.

Next, enter the product to be sold:

  1. Scan or search for a product.
  2. This time, from the dialog that appears, choose Replace to add a replacement item.
  3. Note that this item's quantity is a positive number.

The total of this transaction should be zero. To complete the transaction:

  1. Click the Finish Credit Note button.

This will complete the transaction, and create a return with total 0.

Exchanging Products of Different Values

It may be that the customer also wants to purchase additional items at the same time as returning a product. The general rule for exchanges is always start with the returned product.

To process a transaction like this, follow the procedure above, but continue adding products into the transaction, pressing Replace each time to sell the product.

If the total of the transaction is a negative number, a Credit Note will be created. If the total of the transaction is a positive number, a Sale will be created. The system will decide this for you, provided you start off with a return.