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Adding Payments or Completing Laybys

Last updated 17/08/2017

Laybys will remain open indefinitely - add payments to them to convert them to a sale.

Adding Payments to a Layby

To add a payment to a layby:

  1. Click on the menu icon, top left, and from the Laybys section select List Laybys.
  2. Search in the keyword field for customer name or order ref.
  3. Once you have found the layby, click Change.
  4. Click PAY.
  5. Enter the next amount to be paid in the TENDERED field, and choose a payment type.
  6. Click Finish Layby.
  7. A new receipt will be printed with updated information about the layby.

You will continue the above process until the entire amount is fully paid.

Completing a Layby

After the final payment is made for a layby has been made, the layby will be converted to a sale. The original layby transaction will be removed.

To complete a layby, follow the instructions above to add a final payment to the layby.

When you choose the payment method for the final time, instead of returning to the layby screen, a sales receipt will be printed.