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Magento Overview

Last updated 30/06/2020

Connect your Magento account to Cin7 to allow seamless order processing and inventory synchronisation.


Magento is "the world's most flexible commerce platform". Every year, Magento handles over $50 billion in gross merchandise volume.

Integrating Magento with Cin7 will allow you to:

  • Download sales orders
  • Update stock levels
  • Update order status
  • Download products
  • Download customers
  • Update product pricing

Our integration has multiple settings that allow for detailed control of how Cin7 interacts with Magento.

Setup and Use

Setting up the integration is a simple process of entering your Magento account details into Cin7 and generating a security key with a single click. Please see Connecting Cin7 to Magento.

The Settings menu will refine how the integration operates, please see Magento Settings.

Downloading Orders is a key function of the integration. Downloading Orders allows you to easily dispatch orders that have been made from Cin7. See Downloading Orders from Magento for more information.

Stock levels can be updated manually or set up to automatically sync enabled products.

Kindly note, Magento has discontinued support for Magento 1.x. Cin7 continues to support this version, however, any new features will not be implemented.