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Custom Product Fields

Last updated 05/10/2017

Custom Product Fields can be created for data that is specific to your business. This article explains how to create them.

Creating a Custom Field

There are two types of custom fields that can be created - Word fields and Number fields. Word fields can contain a maximum of 250 characters.

To make a custom field:

  1. Log in to Cin7 as an administrator, hover over your username and click Settings.
  2. Click on Custom Fields under the Products menu.
  3. Click Create New.
  4. Enter the field name, the type of field - word or number - and click Create.
  5. The new field will now appear in the list of fields.

Making the Field Display

The next step is to make the custom field appear in the Product Form page.

  1. Return to the Settings Page by clicking Back to Settings.
  2. This time, click Product Settings from under the Products Menu.
  3. You should see your new custom field under the Show Additional Fields in The Product Form Section. Tick Show and choose the area of the Product Form you want the field to show.
  4. To save the changes, continue clicking Next, then press Save.
  5. Finally if you view the Product Form, you will see your custom field.


Can Custom fields be made available in the Reports?

Not by default, but we can add these into a specific report on request if necessary.

Can Custom fields be deleted?

You can't delete a custom field once created, however you can turn off a custom field from displaying by unticking it from the settings page.