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Billing Information

Last updated 06/12/2018

You will be billed monthly based on the number of Active users in the system. This page explains how the billing is calculated and answers some FAQs.

Billing Details

Your bill will be calculated on the first of each month, and you will be charged as per your agreement at time of signup. You will be emailed each month with an Invoice, and a Statement of all Invoices can be viewed at any time as follows:

More information on Users can be found in our Cin7 User Overview.

Viewing Your Statement

To view your statement:

  1. Whilst logged in as Administrator, hover over your user name and then click Company Profile.
  2. Click on Statement
  3. On the page that follows you will be able to see a list of all Invoices to date. Clicking on each Invoice number will open the specific Invoice

Viewing a Breakdown of Charges

To find out how many users have been charged for in any invoice:

  1. Follow the steps above, then click on a specific Invoice.
  2. At the bottom of the invoice, click View Notes.
  3. On the page that follows, you will see a list of email addresses associated with each user plus a summary of the charges.

Concurrent User Policy

Cin7 does not allow users to be logged in to more than one device at a time.

If a user attempts to log in to another device whilst they are still logged on elsewhere, they will be prompted to log out of the first device.

This policy is intended to be fair to all customers, and will enhance the security and integrity of your account. This is detailed in our Terms and Conditions.


How can I add or remove users?

For information on how to add or remove users, please see our article Cin7 User Overview.

How do I request a change to my invoice?

Please make sure you have read and understood the information above, but if you have any remaining questions we are more than happy to help: please email billing@cin7.com.